Notting Hill House

London W11

This project involves excavating a new basement underneath the front garden, the existing early Victorian terraced house and the rear garden within a Conservation Area

In addition, a new two storey glazed rear extension, a mansard roof extension, total rebuilding of the rear closet wing and a complete reconfiguration of the internal spaces is planned. The project is due to start on site in January 2015.

The house will be enlarged from m2 (ft2) to 340m2 (3,660ft2). The existing house dating from 1847 is currently arranged as four storeys and will be increased to six storeys.

One of the main challenges was how to deal with the relatively narrow 4.5m internal width of the house. This has been achieved through the design of an open plan 'floating' timber staircase that rises up through the entire house with out any enclosing walls at the lower entertaining floor levels. This way all the lower floors are entirely open plan. In order to comply with the Building Regulations, this was carefully negotiated with invisible fire curtains and a high tech sprinkler system.

The colour palette throughout is neutral with solid oak flooring on underfloor heating throughout. Stone flooring is to be used for the kitchen, bathroom and rear patio garden.