interior design

We see the interiors of buildings being as important as the exteriors. Great interior design enhances great architecture and also transforms existing buildings - whether they are historic conversions or more modern developments.

We believe that interiors should be both functional and inspiring and we apply this philosophy to all our projects from remodelled, extended spaces to new-build ones.

We find that creative use of colour, texture and different material and surface treatments all combine to produce a unique internal environment that can either provide harmony or surprise due to unexpected or unconventional combination of materials or colour.

Every aspect of an interior is very carefully designed from wall and floor finishes, bespoke joinery, built-in furniture, lighting design, to kitchen and bathroom specifications. We interpret our clients’ tastes and ambitions to produce interiors that exceed their expectations.

We particularly enjoy the challenge of ‘unlocking’ an existing compromised internal layout to produce a naturally flowing and light interior that can transform the way we work, live or play.