design audits

Our design audits are a great tool for developers and contractors to assess the level of design risk associated to a project when progressing from early design into technical design and construction stages.

The scope of these audits are mainly determined by the planning conditions, building regulations, tenure mix and the client design and founding requirements.

A typical list of the key areas of design criteria and guideline documents covered in one of our audits would read as follows:

• Lifetimes Homes Assessment or the new Approved Document M (incorporating the Lifetime Homes standards since October 2015).

• London Housing Design Guide Assessment.

• ER’s or Housing Association Requirements Assessment (if applicable).

• Local Authority Wheelchair Housing Design Guide Assessment.

• Fire Strategy Assessment based on Approved Document B.

• Assessment and level of M&E design integration.•Assessment and level of structural design integration.

• SVP Stacks Assessment.

• Flat Areas Audit.

• Room Areas and General Storage Assessment.•Secured by Design Assessment.

• Car Parking Design Assessment.

• Cycle Storage Requirements Assessment.

Specific information on each set of design criteria is methodically and clearly identified in the corresponding sections of the design audit report qualifying and identifying levels of compliance along with fully comprehensive and intuitive graphics, drawings, schedules and succinct summary reports.

We can also identify ways in which a design can be improved or rectified in order to ensure compliance and contribute to the value engineering process.

The extent of the design audits can be attuned to specific requirements, budgets and time constraints.

Please contact us for further details.