feasibility studies

Feasibility studies are preliminary studies undertaken in the very early stage of a project and investigate and evaluate the potential of a site or a building. They tend to be carried out when a project is large or complex, or where there is some doubt or controversy regarding the proposed development.

Whether the proposal is for residential/housing use, educational or commercial use, we help clients and developers with such studies to ascertain whether a project has the potential to be moved forwards both in terms of costs and maximising the potential for gaining planning consent.

In summary, the purpose of a feasibility study is to:

• Establish whether the potential project is viable.

• Help identify feasible options in terms of potential unit numbers, sizes etc

• Assist in the development of other project documentation such as the business case, project execution plan and strategic brief.

On larger or more complex projects, there may be a number of different feasibility studies carried out depending upon the client’s aims and the complexity of the site, sometimes requiring different skills, and considering issues such as:

• Planning permission.

• The likelihood of an environmental impact assessment being required.

• Other legal / statutory approvals.

• Analysis of the budget relative to client requirements.

• Assessment of the potential to re-use existing facilities or building new facilities.

• Assessment of any site information provided by the client.

• Site appraisals, including geotechnical studies, assessment of any contamination, availability of services, uses of adjoining land, easements and restrictive covenants, environmental impact etc.

• Considering different solutions to accessing potential sites.

• Analysis of accommodation •Programme considerations. •

• Procurement options.

We are also very happy to give informal advice over the phone as an initial no-cost option.

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